Docrio Electron App - Relax IP Restrictions

Sometimes users will encounter an error when attempting to authenticate their Docrio Electron App. There are 2 reasons for this:

  1. One of the reasons for this error could be because of IP Restrictions. An easy solution here is to relax the IP restrictions within Litify for the Litify Files Connected App. The Litify FIles Connected App runs within Litify (Salesforce) and connects to the Docrio Electron App on users desktops.
  2. The second reason for this could be related to the setting for ‘Enforcing IP Ranges’

Change IP Restrictions

From within Litify, click the Setup Cog   > Type ‘Managed Connected Apps’ in the quick find bar > Locate the connected app titled ‘Litify Files Connected App’ > click the Edit button on the left.

From within the settings for the ‘Litify Files Connected App’ find the dropdown box for IP restrictions.

From the dropdown, select ‘Relax IP Restrictions’ > click save.

Change IP Enforcement

From within Litify, click the Setup Cog   > Type ‘Session Settings’ in the quick Find bar > Locate section titled ‘Require secure connections (HTTPS)’. > ensure ‘Enforce IP Ranges on every request’ is UNCHECKED and click save.

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