Litify Financials v1 Release Notes

Latest Version: 1.0
Release Date:

Introducing Litify Financials, our new Financial Summary & Ledger add-on product to enhance Litify. View all of your Matter’s financial records in one place, and keep track of all transactions related to the Matter in a Ledger. Use Litify Financials’ Summary & Ledger to keep your financial records organized and accessible according to your firm’s specific business needs.

Please contact your account manager for access to this exciting new product!


Configuration Set Up

  • When it comes to financials, we know one size never fits all, so why settle for a one-size-fits-all solution? With Litify Financials, you don’t have to! From the Balance Summary to the Ledger, our product is completely customizable.
  • Create custom financial configurations for all of your firm’s specific needs and practices.
  • Build multiple configurations for specific case types, allowing for the ultimate control of your Matters.
  • We support all Litify financial Objects, and any you might have created custom for your org.
  • Manage live configurations in an intuitive workflow and user interface.

Balance Summary

  • View all your financial records in one place, organized into tabs according to their transaction type.
  • Manage all incoming and outgoing costs for your Matter, so that you always know what the balance of a case is at any given time.


  • Introducing our packaged Transaction object! With all your financial records in one place, Litify Financials offers the option to record and request transactions for those records, and view them in an intuitive Ledger.
  • Requested transactions create Ledger items and can be utilized in existing accounting integrations to simplify life for your accounting team.
  • Our Ledger includes a packaged object, and also supports using any custom object for transactions.
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