Activating, Deactivating, & Deleting Configurations

Activating a Configuration

Financial configurations can be activated once all of the steps on the configurations page have been completed and the progress bar has reached 100%. Click a configuration on the Financial Configurations page to view its progress > Click the Activate button in the top right corner.

Clicking Activate will open a modal confirming activation.

Note: Activation will update all records assigned to the configuration, so it should be done outside of business hours.

Click Activate again if you're ready to proceed.

Activated configurations are in a Read Only state, and cannot be changed unless they're deactivated. This is because any changes made will impact records in use.

Deactivating a Configuration

Should you wish to delete or make changes to your configuration, click Deactivate > A confirmation modal will appear > Click Deactivate to proceed.

Note: This should be done outside of business hours, as deactivating a configuration will disable Summary and Ledger on associated records.

Deleting a Configuration

If a configuration is no longer needed, it can be deleted from a deactivated state.

Note: Once a configuration has been deleted it CANNOT be recovered from the recycling bin.

Click Delete > A confirmation modal will appear warning you the configuration will be permanently deleted > Click Delete if you wish to proceed.

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