Configure Master Object in Litify Financials

Every Org handles their finances differently, which is why Litify Financials supports the ultimate level of customization in its configuration. Establish the right Master Object for your Org, create multiple active configurations, or keep it simple with one standard configuration. Financials is the most flexible way to visualize your billing from within Litify.

Object Selection

Admin must define the Master Object for all financial configurations. The Master Object establishes the foundation for all other financial objects, and provides a look up point. The Master Object should be the same object you add new financial components to in the layout. There can only be one Master Object, and Litify Financials cannot be used until that has been defined.

Define the Master Object from the Financial Summary App. Select 'Master Object & Assignment' from 'Settings' in the sidebar > Click the picklist under 'Master Object' > Select Matters

Note: you can select a different object; however, we highly recommend using Matters as the Master Object. All financial objects added to the configuration must have a lookup to the Master Object.

Assign by Field

Litify Financials also allows you to define how financial configurations are assigned. You can either assign a single configuration for all records across the Org, or assign configurations based on set criteria. For example, different configurations can be assigned by case type, case manager, or other fields on the Master Object.

One Configuration for All

When this option is selected, all record types will be assigned the same financial configuration. The same configuration will be visible anywhere the Master Object is present.

Note: When 'One Configuration for All' is selected, there can only be one active financial configuration.

Activate 'One Configuration for All' by clicking the bubble beside it and clicking save.

Assign by Criteria

Select 'Assign by Criteria' if your Org needs multiple active financial configurations. For example, if you'd like to use different configurations for each case type (i.e. Worker's Comp vs Personal Injury). Admin must define a criteria field in order to assign different financial configurations to different records.

To activate 'Assign by Criteria,' click the bubble beside it > Select the 'Assign by' field from the picklist > click save.

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