Cloning a Configuration

Configurations in Litify Financials can be cloned with two different results. Clones can either be brand new, stand-alone configurations, or be created as a new version of an existing configuration. This article will teach you how to create both types of clones.

Cloning a Stand-Alone Configuration

Cloning a configuration is an easy way to create multiple configs for different purposes (i.e. cloning the Personal Injury config and changing it slightly to fit an Automobile Accident configuration).

To clone a configuration, click its name in the Financial Configurations view > Click Clone in the top right corner

The 'Clone this Configuration' modal will appear > Click the bubble beside 'a new configuration' under 'Clone as…' > Name your new configuration > Click Clone.

Completing a Cloned Stand-Alone Configuration

Once you’ve cloned a configuration, check the Balance & Summary Builder to ensure you’re satisfied with the displayed objects and item groups. If you wish to make changes, follow the procedures outlined in this article. > Click Next

Next, confirm all objects are mapped correctly. If there are objects for which transactions should be disabled (i.e. you don’t want users to make transactions using a certain object), be sure to disable them.

Note: All objects on the clone will be mapped identically to their mapping on the original configuration, with the exception of allowing transactions.

Once your objects are mapped properly, click Next.

Finally, remove the assignment from the original configuration and assign your newly cloned configuration to a value (i.e. Case Type) as defined in Financial Summary Setup.

Click the [Case Type] > Use the left arrow to remove the cloned assignment.

Click the [Case Type] > Click the right arrow to move it into the 'Assign To' column > Click Done & Activate to activate the configuration > Click Activate again to confirm.

Cloning to Create a New Version of a Configuration

Creating a new version of a configuration allows you to make changes to an existing configuration without deactivating and disrupting its use.

To clone a configuration to a new version, click its name on the Financial Configuration page > Click Clone 

The 'Clone this Configuration' modal will appear > Click the bubble beside 'a version of this configuration' under 'Clone As…' > Name your versioned configuration > Click Clone 

Completing a New Version of a Configuration

Before activating the new version of your configuration, make the desired changes to Balance & Summary, Object Mapping, or Assignments.

Click Build Balance & Summary > Make any changes you’d like, following the steps in this article > When you’re done, click Next 

Next, ensure all objects are mapped correctly, following the steps in this article. When you’re done, click Save > Click Next 

Since this clone is a new version of an existing configuration, the assignments should be kept the same. If the previous version was a default configuration, click the slider beside Default > Click Done.

The new version will now be visible under the original, and can be activated when your Org is ready to use it.

Note: You cannot activate the new version until the first version has been DEACTIVATED

Activating a New Version of a Configuration

Note: Activating a new version of a configuration should be done outside of business hours

Deactivate the original version by clicking its name in the Financial Configurations view > Click Deactivate > Confirm your choice and click Deactivate again

Return to the Financial Configurations page by clicking 'Financial Configurations' in the top left > Click the name of the new version > Click Activate > Confirm your activation > Click Activate again.

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