Latest Version: 24.1

Release Date: 02/01/2021


Upgrade Steps

Improved Features

  • Added the ability to control whether 'No Date' records—records where the field mapped to the Date column is empty—are displayed in the Activity Timeline.


  • Added an icon to indicate repeating tasks in a Matter Plan.


  • Added the option to hide the 'Color’ column within the Matter Plan component if your Org doesn’t color code Tasks. 


  • Archived Tasks are now shown in the Activity Timeline.
  • Improved the readability of info popovers. 
  • Improved error logging for LRN referral sync.
  • Moved the location of the MDAPI:
    • The MDAPI will no longer be accessible via URL. Instead, it can be accessed via a tab called 'Configure MDAPI' in the app launcher.


Bug Fixes

  • Increased the timeout limit for the Intakes API to 120 seconds to improve compatibility for certain integrations. 
  • Solved a bug where an error appeared after users exited the 'Access Documents' modal in Referrals Pro.
  • Fixed an issue where Matter Task due dates changed after a Matter Stage change.
  • Solved a bug which caused the Matter component to freeze with a spinning load wheel when one of the Matter Tasks had a deactivated status. 
  • Fixed an issue which caused Intake and Matter names to be improperly updated when a Party name was changed despite disabling the setting to do so.
  • Solved a bug where LRN sync for Case Type was overriding the 'IsAvailable’ field within an Org. 
  • Fixed an issue with the 'Amount Due’ field on the Lien object. There is now a new version of this formula field which properly displays a currency value. See upgrade instructions for details on how to identify the new field.
  • Solved a bug where firm names weren’t displayed in full in the 'Refer Out’ modal in Referrals Pro.
  • Improved error messaging for permission issues when making a Matter Stage Switch.
  • Removed the AllMatterTeam trigger from the Litify packaged Apex triggers. This will not impact users or functionality. 

Security Improvements

  • Implemented extensive security improvements to comply with Salesforce best practices. 
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