Release Notes

There are two upgrade steps for Matters + Intakes v24.1.

1. Assign Apex Class Permission Set

New users must be assigned the Litify Apex Class Permission Set. See this article for more information.

2. Page Layout Change

Due to the updates made to the 'Amount Due' field in Matters + Intakes v24, the page layout for the Lien object must be updated to contain the new field.

From Setup > Click Object Manager tab in the navigation bar > Type "Lien" into the search bar > Click Lien > Click 'Page Layouts' > Click 'Lien Layout' (note: if you have two Lien layouts, select the first one)


Scroll down until you see 'Lien Detail' > Hover your cursor over 'Amount Due' > Click the Remove Icon    > Click the new 'Amount Due' field (litify_pm.lit_Amount_Due_Currency) and drag it to the location of the old field > Click Save


If you have multiple Lien layouts, repeat the steps above for each layout.

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