How to Enable OCR and Run a Search with Docrio+

Docrio+ comes with OCR, or Optical Character Recognition. This technology scans documents as they're uploaded to Docrio, and allows users to search the text within them—including images!

How to get Docrio+ with OCR

OCR is only available in our Docrio+ product. If you don't already have Docrio+ with OCR, reach out to your CSM or sales rep for more information.

Once OCR has been enabled in your organization, all newly uploaded documents will be searchable using Text Content. For an additional fee, we can ensure your previously uploaded documents can be searched with OCR as well.

Activating OCR

  1. Search for Docrio in the App Launcher
  2. Open Docrio Admin Settings and click Advanced Search.
  3. Toggle Text Content to ON.


Searching with OCR

  1. Click the 'Docrio Advanced Search' tab within Docrio.
  2. Type your search into the Text Content box.
    1. Text Content searches can be refined using our predefined syntax terms. Type what you’re looking for in the Text Content box, add one of our predefined syntax terms, then add an additional term or phrase depending on what you’re looking for. Repeat this process, adding multiple syntax terms if necessary, as many times as you’d like. Review our dedicated article for more information on using syntax terms in Text Content searches. 
  3. Adjust additional fields to narrow your search.
  4. Click Go.Docrio_OCR_2__1_.gif

OCR is not available on individual record searches, only Docrio Advanced Search. OCR is available on any file under 50 mb which we can preview. A list of the files we show previews for can be found here

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