Known Issue: Docrio Zoom Not Showing in Previews

Product and Version Impacted

  • Docrio

Issue Summary

In the latest version of Google Chrome (version 88.0.4324.150) , users will notice that Zoom ( + / - ) buttons are no longer visible within Docrio Preview Pane.

Google's latest version includes Google's own PDF viewer, which does not have zoom buttons by default. 

Older Version of Chrome (where Zoom is present)



Litify is looking into restoring the zoom functionality, which would be included in a future version of Docrio. Until then, the following workarounds will restore the zoom functionality. 

1. Turn off Google's native PDF Viewer

In a Chrome browser window > Navigate to chrome://flags > Search for "PDF Viewer Update" > Switch the drop down selector from "Default" to "Disabled" > Click on Relaunch at the bottom right to reload Chrome.


2. Use a free PDF extension in the Chrome Web Store:

Install "PDF Reader" from this link. Please be advised that this is a third party software application and is not managed by Litify.

Please review with your IT administrator before installing extensions. Once installed, you must configure the extension to support embedded images.

Once Installed > Right Click on the extension Icon in the top right of your Chrome Browser > Select "Support Embedded PDFs".



3. Use a different browser that leverages 3rd Party PDF Readers

This is not our recommended option, as we prefer that our customers use Chrome. If you use Firefox in conjunction with Adobe's Acrobat PDF Reader, you should have Zoom functionality in Docrio previews.


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