Known Issue: Litify Documents (Legacy Component) not Filtering Correctly

Product and Version Impacted

  • Matter + Intakes > Litify Documents Legacy component
  • Version 24.1

This issue has been resolved by hotfix 24.2. Please see the release notes for more information on that version and how to upgrade to it.

Issue Summary

We have identified an issue with document filtering that is impacting the Litify Documents legacy component (also known as Litify Docs). When searching for a record, rather than displaying only results related to your search, the component instead attempts to show all documents from Intakes. This causes the component to slow down considerably—and in some cases to crash—as the system attempts to pull every record. Below is an example of the component pulling all documents being pulled as the result of an unrelated search:

An example of every record being pulled after a search.

This issue is also impacting document uploading. Any documents uploaded while the component is broken will not have the correct field data added to them, nor will they show up as related Salesforce Files. This is because the code which relates the file to the object it is stored on is not working.

Additionally, documents uploaded during this time will not display correctly after we push a fix.

We recommend that you refrain from uploading documents while we work to resolve these issues. 


There is currently no known word around at this time. However, users may still retrieve existing files by searching for the Matter or Intake name in the Litify Documents component. See the gif below for an example of this flow:

Searching Matters and Intakes for existing records.

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