Docrio v6 Release Notes

Latest Version: 6.5

Release Date: April 9, 2021

Production Link:

Sandbox Link:

There are a number of exciting improvements included within the latest release of Docrio. See our release notes below for information on improvements, brand new features, and bugs we've addressed in this release

New Features

Docrio+ Features

These features are only available to Docrio+ users. 

  • We’ve introduced the ability to further refine OCR Advanced Searches within Docrio+ through the use of predefined syntax terms. These terms—including AND, OR, and NOT—allow you to quickly and easily find the exact documents you’re looking for. For more information about improved searching using syntax terms (including a full list of usable syntax terms) head on over to our dedicated how-to article.


  • We’ve improved how Docrio locates files by including both File Properties and Text Content in searches. Now you can use all Advanced Search fields simultaneously to narrow your searches. We've also increased the number of files that can be returned when searching via the API. Learn more about using Advanced Search in our How to Enable OCR and Run a Search with Docrio+ article.


Docrio Features

These features are available to all Docrio users.

  • You can now select multiple files from within the “existing inputs” screen. This should allow you to add more than one input at a time—saving you lots of time in the process.


  • We’ve added the ability to delete files from DocAssign, making it even easier to organize folder contents.


  • We've added a merge tag titled “Day”. Now you’ll be able to pull the day of the week (For example, Monday) when pulling date fields into documents. This update is not retroactive and any previous date fields will not be updated.
  • We've made considerable performance improvements to our document merge functionality. Users can now perform merges with 100's of records across multiple inputs. In addition, these performance improvements have been added to the Test Me section of Template Building. 
  • In Docrio v5 we added support for additional mime preview types. With Docrio v6 we take this a step further by adding support for even more mime types.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing Format option records to be created whenever you added a Salesforce record input and clicked save. 
  • Addressed an issue causing duplicate files to display for one file info record. 
  • Resolved an issue allowing you to create folder templates without names.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing file viewer columns from being updated based on updates made in Docrio Admin Settings.
  • Fixed an issue preventing larger merges (800+ records) to fail.
  • Addressed an issue preventing the Formatting options section from appearing on some Salesforce record inputs.

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