Known Issue: Litify Inbox Displays "Email isn't saved" for Saved Emails

Product and Versions Impacted

  • Litify Inbox
  • Cloud and Desktop Versions

Issue Summary

We’ve confirmed an issue with Litify Inbox where some emails are displaying an “Email isn’t saved” message. Upon further investigation we find that these emails are in-fact being saved. 

You can reproduce this issue by locating an email with the blue/Litify category, opening the Litify Inbox sidebar, and then selecting the email. Upon opening the email, you will notice that in the Litify Inbox sidebar that email is listed as “Email isn’t saved”. However, if you go into the Litify platform and locate that same email you will see that it has been saved. 


This issue is actually expected behavior with how the MS Outlook app reacts to changes being made on the server side. When MS Outlook syncs with Litify via server sync it looks like the changes aren’t significant enough for the categories to be changed. 


There are two potential workarounds for this issue. The first is to select another email within the same folder as the one that is not displaying the correct category. If you navigate back to the original email it should now be displaying the correct category. 

Note that this solution will only work once the server sync is finished

The second way to resolve this issue is to force Litify Inbox to synchronize. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the Litify Inbox add-in.
  2. Press the "sandwich" button.Screen_Shot_2021-03-21_at_8.25.30_PM.png
  3. Open the Sync settings menu. Screen_Shot_2021-03-21_at_8.25.39_PM.png
  4. Click the Force Sync button. Screen_Shot_2021-03-21_at_8.25.54_PM.png
  5. This should cause the email to appear in Litify within 2-3 minutes with the correct category. 

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Litify Support Information

If you have walked through the steps above and are still having trouble, please don’t hesitate to contact Litify Support at (or Submit a Request).

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