Latest Version: 2.0

Release Date: April 7, 2021

Production Link: Please reach out to your CSM or Litify Account Manager.

Sandbox Link: Please reach out to your CSM or Litify Account Manager.

Timekeeping v2 introduces a bunch of new features that we’re excited to tell you about. These include brand new features like Advanced Search and Admin View, as well as quality of life improvements to existing functionality (like a new hourly duration option, and improved pagination). So let’s dive right in.

Upgrade Requirements 

This update requires that the Rate and Billable fields be part of the Time Entry page layout so that certain forms can be displayed properly. To learn more about these requirements, and the steps needed to address them, see the related entry on the Timekeeping known issues article. 

New Features

Advanced Search

  • Busy firms may have thousands of Timekeeping entries (or more), making it difficult to find specific records. With our improved search functionality finding specific Timekeeping entries is a breeze. Simply open the Advanced Search window, set your search criteria, and click Go! Advanced Search allows you to narrow your searches by dates, categories, entry status, and much more. Head over to our dedicated how-to article to learn more about Advanced Search


Admin View

  • View all time entries, in one place, regardless of Matter or User with the new Time Tracking Admin View. This view (similar to the existing Timekeeping Matter View) is great for looking at all entries for your firm in one list that you can filter using Advanced Search. For more information on this view and how to use it, please see our dedicated article


Editable Detail Views

  • We’ve added the ability to directly edit fields within a record. No longer do you have to navigate to another section of the system to make these changes. Now just click the pencil icon at the top of the detail view, make your edits, and click Save. Check out our article to learn more about editing details directly within records.


Hourly Duration

  • A smaller but much-requested change is the addition of the Hourly duration format for the Timer app. This format should help your firm get a better understanding of what portion of a billable hour was spent working on a case. 


  • Additionally, we’ve updated the Timer so that regardless of duration setting you will see the seconds being counted. Previously, depending on the setting, you might start the Timer but not see it update until the duration it was set to passed (For example, the Time might read 00:00 until a minute passed, then it would update to 00:01). This should save you some headache as it’s easier to confirm that the Timer is running. 
  • Learn more about how to adjust these settings in our configuration article. You can also learn more about the Timer and how it works in our dedicated article


  • The addition of “true” pagination now allows you to adjust how many entries appear on the screen at once. This makes it much easier to view larger datasets. 


Time Optimization

  • We’ve made some improvements to how the Timer component within Timekeeping communicates with Salesforce servers. This should ultimately lead to greater stability within the component.  

Bug Fixes/Smaller Updates

  • Harmonized “Delete” confirmation messages. 
  • Harmonized “Success” and “Error” notification messages for Time Entries and Rates. 
  • Updated Timer styling. 
  • Save buttons on Bulk Edit are now disabled if no field values are selected. 
  • Improved handling of high record volume CSV downloads for Time Entries. 
  • Various bug improvements and small UI tweaks. 

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