Timekeeping Advanced Search Overview

The Advanced Search menu within Litify Timekeeping allows you to customize your searches to ensure that you find the exact record(s) you’re looking for.

Why is Advanced Search Important? 

Busy firms may have thousands of Timekeeping entries (or more), making it difficult to find specific records. Advanced Search allows you to narrow your searches through the use of specific fields. 

Where do I find Advanced Search? 

The Advanced Search menu can be launched from anywhere that you see the lightning magnifying glass icon. 


There are three places where this icon is available for you to click:

  • Time Tracking Admin view
  • Timesheets
  • On the Matter

Using Advanced search

There are 11 fields within the Advanced Search menu that you can use to narrow down your searches. To use this functionality, do the following:

  1. Launching the Advanced Search menu by clicking the magnifying glass
  2. Fill in the fields you wish to use.
  3. Click Go

Some things to keep in mind while using Advanced Search:

  • You must click Go to perform the search. 
    • You cannot click the Enter key on the keyboard to start a search. 
  • Each field is processed as an AND statement. Each selection within a field is treated as an OR statement.  

Each of the fields in the Advanced Search has a different function. The images below show an example of what the Advanced Search menu looks like. Below the image is a table that lists the name of each field, what it does, and an example of how you might use it.


Keep in mind that some of these fields will not be visible, or will automatically be populated, depending on where you launch the Advanced Search from. For example, if you are sitting on a Matter and launch the Advanced Search the Related To field will be hidden, since you cannot change it.


Search Field



Click into the box and select a specific user or users.

Related To

Displays a list of objects for you to choose from. Select the object from the dropdown and then search that category based on certain display criteria.  

Similar to the Timer, this field works based off of the time tracking admin settings for the object you select. 


Click into the box to display a list of available rates. The rates displayed are relative to the selected (or pre-populated) user.

Selecting multiple users will display available rates for all users. 

Description includes

This is a text search field with a 250 character limit. It is configured to only retrieve exact string matches, and is restricted by SOQL and SOSL.


A pair of boolean-style checkboxes. This will ensure that your search only returns results of the selected type(s).


A dropdown list containing possible options.


Two picklist windows that allow you to narrow the dates of your searches. 


Filter entries based on Status. 

Each entry can only have one Status that is selected on that entry via dropdown menu. 


Choose from one of the three options (Is More Than, Is, Is Less Than) and then enter a time relative to that selection. 


Similar to Duration. Select from the options and then enter a dollar amount. 


Similar to Billable. A pair of boolean-style checkboxes based on entries that have information in one of the predefined discount boxes. 

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