Known Issue: Inactive Members on Default Matter Teams

Products and Versions Impacted

  • Litify Platform
  • Restrictions caused by Salesforce limitations

Issue Summary

We've identified an issue when a User on a Default Matter Team has their Salesforce account deactivated. 

This is most likely to happen when someone at the firm who belongs to one or more Default Matter Teams leaves. When the departing User’s Salesforce account is marked “inactive,” it can cause a "Flow Element Error" to occur. 

An example of this error can be found below.


Click on the image above to enlarge it.


This issue appears to be part of Salesforce’s intended behavior when attempting to map an inactive user to a user lookup field. Because the User is already present in lookup fields within the Default Matter Team Member records in the Default Matter Team, the error is triggered.


The simplest workaround for this issue is to replace the inactive User on the Default Matter Team with someone else in your organization that is still active. 

For more information on editing Default Matter Teams, please see our dedicated article.

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