Litify Inbox Spring '21 Release Notes

Latest Version: Litify Inbox Release v.2102

Release Date: June 9, 2021

We’re excited to announce the release of a new version of Litify Inbox. This version, brought to us courtesy of our partners at Revenue Grid, introduces several improvements and addresses a handful of bugs to help things run more smoothly. So buckle-up, read-on, and get ready for the latest in integrated email management. 

No Admin action is required to have this release installed. The new version is deployed to your org automatically irrespective of the product version: cloud or desktop.


Below are two lists which each outline improvements depending on what version of the mail client you use. When viewing the improvements below, make sure that you are looking at the correct list based on the mail client that your Firm uses.

Gmail Extension

These improvements relate to those using the web-based Gmail extension.

  • Support Google Tasks Sync
    • Added the ability to synchronize Google tasks via Gmail Extension.

Outlook Add-In

These improvements relate to those using the Litify Inbox desktop add-in for Microsoft Outlook.

  • Book Me: Prevent Multiple Bookings for the same Time Slot
    • Ensured that multi-booking of the same calendar slot by several invitees is no longer possible, if several of them open the link at the same time.
  • Admin Feature to Create Book Me Links on Behalf of the Users in the Organization
    • Added the ability for Admins to generate Book Me links on behalf of users in their Org.
  • Add Buffer Time Range Between Time Slots in Book Me
    • Added the ability to add time spans, or buffers, between meetings scheduled using Book Me. This allows the organizer to take a short break and get prepared between meetings. The span's duration is set via a picklist in the Book Me generation dialog. 
  • Allow Auto-Sync of Emails Without Resolving WhoIDs or Linking to WhatIDs
    • Added the ability to auto-save emails in Salesforce independently, without auto-creating People records or linking them to Business records. Also added the related global setting “SalesforceEmailAutoTrackIncludingNotShared” to manage this function.
  • Add Quick Save Option to Menu on Objects's cards
    • Added a quick save button to records' cards (headers) displayed in Litify inbox Sidebar. Now it’s possible to save an email with a required record with a single click, without expanding a record's card.
  • Add the Ability to Remove Synchronised Events in Outlook
    • Introduced an option to unsync the event created in Outlook calendar that synced to Litify. This allows the users to easily remove an item synced to Litify by mistake, also in bulk. To remove a synced calendar item from Litify: assign it the custom "Litify Unsync" category. The event will be unsynced during the next sync session:it will be removed from Litify, but will stay in Outlook calendar. If such an event needs to be synced back to Litify, it can be assigned with the Litify category.

  • Support of Delegated Mailbox and Delegated Calendars for Cloud Web Add-In
    • Implemented Support of delegated emails and calendars in the Litify Inbox Cloud version. Available both for OWA and desktop Outlook apps.
  • Search Improvement: Load More Records on Demand
    • Added the ability to view more results when searching for records, as well as record field previews, to help users quickly find a specific record if many similar records were pulled by the search.
  • Custom Fields Improvements for Synced Email and Event Objects
    • Added the ability to fill custom To/From/CC fields in synced email and event items with incomplete info.
  • Admin Panel: Change Plan and Org for Several Users at a Time
    • Added the ability to switch a group of users to another Plan or another Org in bulk.
  • Pass Custom Property Into Salesforce Connector Even When Syncing Emails by Category
    • Added the ability to pass a custom property into the Litify Inbox Salesforce connector for emails saved by category assigning.
  • Only 20 Attachments are Displayed in the "Add file" Pop-Ups 
    • Ensured that more than 20 attached files can be displayed and managed in Sidebar's "Add file" dialog in case an email has a large number of attachments.
  • Refactored Sidebar to Auto-generate the “main.html” File
    • Implemented “main.html” file auto-generation via the html-webpack-plugin. This allows Litify Inbox to resolve SAFE_RELOAD and cache problems.

Bug Fixes

Similar to the sections above, we’ve divided bug fixes up depending on what version of Litify inbox you’re using. 

Gmail Extension

These bug fixes relate to those using the web-based Gmail extension.

  • ServiceMaxEmailsPerSync for Gmail Doesn't Work as Expected.
    • Backend sync consistency fix to ensure observance of the ServiceMaxEmailsPerSync setting by the Sync engine.
  • All-Day Event Date Change is Not Synced in Google Calendar to Salesforce
    • Fixed an issue where updates of an all-day event did not get synced to Litify as expected.
  • All-Day Events are bumped in Google Calendar 1 day ahead of Salesforce
    • Resolved a specific issue where all-day events in Google Calendar were pushed 1 day ahead of Litify after Litify Inbox syncing.

Outlook Add-In

These bug fixes relate to those using the Litify Inbox desktop extension for Microsoft Outlook.

  • 'The SObject type EmailMessage is not enabled'
    • Fixed an Error Message 'The SObject type EmailMessage is not enabled for use with this application'. To prevent this issue, the Documents tab was removed from EmailMessage, Task and Event objects viewed in the Sidebar.

  • Selecting “Cancel Invitation” Before Sending Event Will Not Remove Invitee During Sync
    • Calendar items syncing consistency fix that resolved an issue when selecting "Cancel Invitation" for an added invitee. Before, invite sending did not result in invitee removal from the matching Litify Event by Sync.
  • Outlook Session Expired Message is Displayed After Changing Focus to Another Email
    • Resolved a specific issue where an "Outlook session expired" notification message was unexpectedly shown in the Add-in after selecting another email.

  • Search Field Becomes Unclickable 
    • Fixed a rare issue where the records search field became unclickable in the Sidebar.
  • "Something went wrong. Attachments not saved." Notification Shown if Email Was Saved With Two or More Attachments.
    • Fixed an issue causing a false error notification stating "Something went wrong. Attachments not saved" to appear. This error was incorrectly appearing when saving two or more attached files To Litify, even though the attachments were saved successfully.

  • Account's Details Are Not Showing in Sidebar
    • Fixed a spontaneously occurring issue where the selected Account's details were not displayed in Sidebar as expected.
  • The Add-In Freeze on an Attempt to Render a Lot of Cards
    • Fixed an issue where the Add-In froze on an attempt to render a considerable amount of record cards.
  • ServiceExternalStorageType Setting Doesn't Work as Expected
    • Fixed an issue with the setting “ServiceExternalStorageType” where attached files were not saved to Salesforce as required by the customers.
  • Specific Emails Causing Add-In to Hang
    • Fixed a rare issue where Litify Inbox Add-In froze after specific emails were selected in Outlook.
  • "Save" Button Doesn't Become Active on Email
    • Resolved a specific issue when the Save button was inactive in the Sidebar on email selection.
  • Cannot Link Document From Docrio in Compose Mode
    • Fixed an issue when Docrio documents were not linking to the email in the compose mode.
  • Add “AlreadyAutocategorized” prop to Disable Auto-categorization Call
    • Fixed a specific Sync backend issue by adding an “AlreadyAutocategorized” prop to disable auto-categorization calls.

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