Litify Inbox Feature: Quick Save

Quick Save is a new feature introduced in the Litify Inbox Spring ’21 release which allows users to quickly save emails to a suggested Matter or Intake record.

A reminder that “suggested records” are Matter or Intake records where the Client has the same email address as in the To/From/CC field from the email you’ve selected.

Additional Considerations

When using the Quick Save feature, it’s important to keep the following in mind:

  • The Quick Save feature allows saving only email to only one record at a time. 
  • If an email saved to Litify with Quick Save has any attachments on it, these will not be saved.

How Does Quick Save Work? 

  1. Navigate to the email that you want to save to Litify and open Litify Inbox.
    • If the sender’s email address is associated with a Matter or Intake Client, all these records will be displayed in the sidebar.
  2. Hover over the Matter Card you’d like to save the email to.
    • This should display a tool-tip that reminds you that clicking this card will save the email.
  3. Click the Matter or Intake card.
  4. Once an Email is saved you will see the Green Success Message (1) and the Matter record this email was saved to will also be indicated with a green checkmark (2).

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