Working with Delegated Inboxes in Litify Inbox

MS Exchange Delegated (Shared) email access allows Litify Inbox users with delegate access permissions to read, compose, and save to Litify MS Outlook emails on behalf of actual mailbox Owners.

By default, only emails from the Inbox folder of the Owner can be viewed and processed.

Prerequisites & Permissions 

In order for Delegated Inboxes to work properly, you will first need to confirm the following:

  • That both users (the mailbox owner and the user with the delegate access) are active Litify Inbox Users.
  • That both users belong to the same MS Exchange instance and the same Litify organization.
  • The mailbox Owner granted Inbox Editor permissions to the delegated user.

Setting Up Delegated Inbox in MS Outlook 

The available delegate permissions are:

  • Author: With this permission, the delegate can read and create items, and change and delete items that they create, but not the items created by the Calendar owner.
  • Editor: With this permission, the delegate can do everything that an Author has permission to do and additionally can change and delete the items that the Calendar owner created.
  • Reviewer: With this permission, the delegate can read items in your folders. This permissions type is insufficient for managing delegated calendars with Litify Inbox

Managing inbox items using the delegated mailbox feature with Litify Inbox requires Author or Editor permissions to be set up. To adjust these permissions, follow the steps below:

  1. Click File.
  2. Click the Info tab. 
  3. Click Account Settings.
  4. Click Delegate Access.
  5. Expand the picklist next to Inbox.
  6. Select which level of permissions you would like to grant. 
  7. Click OK.

The Delegate can see my private items setting allows a Delegate with Editor or Author permissions to view as well as modify items which the Inbox owner marked as private. 

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