Salesforce Summer ‘21 Update Release Notes

This highlights items from the Salesforce Summer ’21 Release that we’re particularly excited about, or are likely to impact how you use the Litify Platform.

While this article highlights several items from the Salesforce Summer ‘21 Release Notes, it does not include everything. To view the original release notes in their entirety, please head over to Salesforce’s site

Upgrade Steps and Timeline

Nothing needs to be done on your end for this update to be downloaded or installed. This update will be applied automatically sometime in the near future. For a better understanding of who will be updated when, please refer to the list below:

  • Early May 2021: Sandbox upgrades begin
  • Mid May 2021: Partner business orgs (primarily) updated.
    • This applies to Litify as a company.
  • Early June 2021: Customers updated 
    • Firms using the Litify Platform will be upgraded sometime during this period.

The above dates are left intentionally vague as it’s possible they will change. To determine when an org is upgraded, click this link, select the Maintenance tab, and search for “summer '21 major release”.

More Important Dates

Salesforce has also announced a series of webinars meant to help their users ease into the summer update. For a list of dates, please see their site

Feature Spotlight

Here are some of the top items from the Salesforce Summer ’21 Release that we wanted to share with you.

Each header below is linked to the full patch notes on Salesforce’s site.

When reviewing the items listed below: 

  • “Generally Available” means open to all Salesforce users.
  • “Beta” items are ones that Salesforce users can opt-into in order to test new features first.
  • “Pilot” items are part of programs where Salesforce offers access to a select few for testing and feedback.

Future Requirement to Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • To help ensure the safety of its clients, and those they support, Salesforce is taking another step forward in their requirements for multi-factor authentication (MFA). These requirements are set to take effect starting February 1, 2022. For more information on these requirements please see Salesforce's dedicated article.

Einstein Search (Generally Available)

  • Searching gets a boost in this version with a wider application of Salesforce’s Einstein AI. This should help users to locate the results they’re looking for based on their previous activities. Additionally, find what you’re looking for by using words that seem familiar to you using natural language search (NLS). This update also lets you do more in fewer steps; allowing you to log cases or create a contact without having to stray from the search box.

Update Fields from the Report Run Page with Inline Editing (Beta) 

  • You can now edit certain fields without even leaving the Report Run page. 
  • For example, you might monitor a weekly Matters report that requires data updates on the cases. You can now update certain fields to keep information up-to-date across cases without navigating into each individual case. This will save you clicks whether you’re managing cases or managing a team.
  • For more information on this feature, which is currently still in the “beta” phase, please see the complete release notes entry.

Download a Dashboard Image to a File 

  • Now you can download a PNG image of a dashboard using the dropdown menu on the dashboard page. 
  • This will make it easier to share information across your firm from a specific point in time (in an easy-to-distribute format).
  • Send specific data to team members to keep them up-to-date on operations on the team or firmwide.

Install More Custom Fields 

  • With this update your important objects, like Matters and Intakes, are now big enough to accommodate even more data.
  • For a complete list of applicable objects, please see these notes.

Secure More Data Types Using Data Mask 

  • You can now protect your sensitive data using Data Mask. These will help to automatically mask (or hide) designed data within your sandbox environments.

Salesforce Flow

Salesforce Flow sees some major updates in this release. We’ve gathered several of the improvements that we think you’ll find interesting below.

  • Flow Builder
    • These various improvements should make it easier than ever to build Flows. From improved screen real estate, to more options and flexibility, to a number of accessibility enhancements. 
  • Flow Debugging
    • Flow debugging has been improved to check more areas and to provide more information to figure out what went wrong (and why).
  • Flow and Process Management
    • Several improvements have been made to increase the performance and reliability of Flows.

Salesforce Mobile App

Lastly, this update brings with it a number of improvements to the Salesforce Mobile App. We’ve highlighted some of the more noteworthy items below.

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