Sources store information about where your intakes and potential case leads originate. By defining a source for your intakes, you can create reports on each source record to track trends and analyze them against outcomes such a win rates and settlement amounts. Sources are a great way to determine where high quality leads come from and they can also inform your growth strategy.

Basic Navigation

You can find the Source field on an intake record.

  1. Log in to Litify.
  2. Navigate to Intakes > [Intake Name]
  3. Navigate to the Details tab.
  4. Find the Source field.

Standard Sources

Litify includes these standard sources:

• Advertisement
• Attorney Referral
• Billboards
• Event
• Firm Employee
• Internet
• Lead Generation Service
• Non-Attorney Referral
• Other
• Print
• Radio
• TV
• Word of Mouth


When should I create a source?

Create sources when you are setting up or optimizing your intake processes on Litify. Common sources include television and radio advertisements, events, attorney referrals, and others. 

How do I use a Source?

Use source records to populate the Source field on intakes. This field carries over to a matter when you use the Open Matter action on an intake. 


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