After an Intake has been qualified, and the Client has signed a retainer agreement, you are ready to convert the Intake into a new Matter. Matters converted from Intakes retain the data initially collected, making it quick and easy to move along to the next stage of your workflow.

Use the Open Matter Litify Action on a signed Intake to complete this process. This process changes the Intake status to Converted. Additionally, this changes the Intake Record Type from Active to Converted. Many fields from the Intake map to fields on the new Matter.

See the mapping table in this article for complete information. See the additional behaviors associated with this action at the bottom of this article.



Permissions: Create, Read, Edit permissions on Intake and Matter objects

Permission Set: Litify Intake User


How to Convert An Intake To A Matter

  1. Open an Intake record. In Litify Actions, click Open Matter.

  2.  Select a Matter OwnerMatter Team, and Case Type.
    • Matter Owner: The person who works on the matter.
    • Matter Team: All teams the Matter Owner belongs to. One is picked at random if none are selected.
    • Case Type: Each case type has its own default matter plan (tasks, requirements, and workflow).
    • There is also the ability to override the Default Matter Plan during this step.
  3. Select Confirm.

When an Intake is converted to a Matter, related Injury and Treatment records will now be carried over to the Matter automatically.

Override Default Matter Plan

The Override Default Matter Plan checkbox is optional and allows you to assign a different Matter Plan than what’s assigned to the case type you have selected. This is a default permission set. Admin can disable this permission set for users. 



Many fields from the Intake map to fields on the new Matter. See this table for those field labels, field names, and field types:

Intake Field Label Intake Field Name Intake Field Type Mapped Matter Field Label Mapped Matter Field Name Mapped Matter Field Type
Case Address 1 litify_pm__Case_Address_1__c Text(255) Matter Address 1 litify_pm__Matter_Address_1__c Text(255)
Case Address 2 litify_pm__Case_Address_2__c Text(255) Matter Address 2 litify_pm__Matter_Address_2__c Text(255)
Case City litify_pm__Case_City__c Text(255) Matter City litify_pm__Matter_City__c Text(255)
Case Postal Code litify_pm__Case_Postal_Code__c Text(255) Matter Postal Code litify_pm__Matter_Postal_Code__c Text(255)
Case State litify_pm__Case_State__c Picklist Matter State litify_pm__Matter_State__c Picklist
Case Type litify_pm__Case_Type__c Lookup(Case Type) Case Type litify_pm__Case_Type__c Lookup(Case Type)
Client litify_pm__Client__c Lookup(Account) Client litify_pm__Client__c Lookup(Account)
Description litify_pm__Description__c Long Text Area(131072) Description litify_pm__Description__c Long Text Area(131072)
Incident Date litify_pm__Incident_Date__c Date Incident date litify_pm__Incident_date__c Date
Source litify_pm__Source__c Lookup(Source) Source litify_pm__Source__c Lookup(Source)
Source Type litify_pm__Source_Type__c Picklist Source Type litify_pm__Source_Type__c Picklist
Matter litify_pm__Matter__c Lookup(Matter)* Primary Intake litify_pm__Primary_Intake__c Lookup(Intake)**

*Populated with the Matter    
**Populated with the Intake Record ID

Note: The Matter Owner you select populates the Principal Attorney and Owner fields.

Related Records

Any records of the following objects which are associated with the intake will have their Matter lookup field updated so that they also carry over to the matter:

  • Insurance
  • Litify Note
  • Role
  • Question Answer


All Questionnaires and question answers on the Intake carry over to the Matter. All Questionnaires added to the Matter will also become available on the Intake record.

You can map answers to Intake fields from Questionnaires on a Matter. You can also map answers to Matter fields from Questionnaires on an Intake. 

Important: You cannot map an answer from an Intake Questionnaire to a matter field before you create the Matter record. Create a Matter and re-answer the question that maps to the Matter to populate the Matter field.





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