A DICE queue is a calling list that shows intake agents unowned intakes they can work on. Admins can create different queues that filter intakes based on questionnaire answers and field values. Customize your queues to determine when and how frequently agents can call the cases on a DICE calling list. 

How to Create a DICE Work Queue

The following example creates a Florida Automobile Accident work queue. 

  1. Navigate to App Launcher > Dice Queues
  2.  Select New
  3. Complete the following fields:
    • DICE Queue Name: FL Automobile Accidents
    • Earliest Call Time: 9am
    • Latest Call Time: 6pm
    • Minutes Between Calls: 10
    • Navigate to Object: Intake
  4. Save. You are redirected to the new DICE queue record.
  5. Update the Navigate To field to Intake.
  6. Build query 1: Case State = Florida
    • Question/Field: Case State
    • Operator: Equals
    • Value: FL Florida
  7. Build query 2: Case Type = Automobile Accidents
    • Question/Field: Case Type
    • Operator: Equals
    • Value: Automobile Accidents
  8.  Build query 3: Status = Open
    • Question/Field: Status
    • Operator: Equals
    • Value: Open
  9. Build Sorting: Oldest > Newest
    1. Field: Created Date
    2. Direction: Ascending
  10. Save.

Refresh Litify to view the queue in the DICE toolbar.

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