You can create multiple task sets for each matter plan and activate them in various situations to add flexibility. 

Matter Plans are comprised of Stages and Tasks. A Task Set is a special inactive stage that holds a collection of tasks which can be applied to a Matter as needed. Think of Task Sets as a situational stage. 

 How to Create a Task Set 

1. Create the Parent Task Set (Stage)

  1. Navigate to App Launcher > Matter Plans.
  2. Select a [Matter Plan Name].
  3. Select New in the Matter Stages section. 
  4. Complete the following fields:
    • Matter Stage Name: Name of Task Set (stage)
    • Stage Order: Number (sorts)
    • Task Set: Enable checkbox to convert the stage to a task set. 
  5. Save

2. Create Tasks

  1. Select the [Matter Stage Name] you just created.
  2. Select New in the Default Matter Tasks section. 
  3. Define the task name and requirements.
  4. Save & New.
  5. Repeat for as many tasks as necessary.
  6. Save.

Now this task set is available to users on a matter record associated with the parent matter plan. 


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