Delete Documents in Docrio

You can delete files attached to your Matter from the Details panel.

How to delete a document in Docrio

  1. Navigate to Litify Matters > Matters > select a Matter Name.
  2. Select the Documents tab > select a FILE NAME.
  3. Click the Delete icon at the top right, and a modal appears.
  4. Select Delete again to confirm.

Granting users permission to delete documents they didn't create

By design, users can only delete File_Info records they did not create with the Modify All permission on File_Info. Admins need to create a custom profile and permission set to allow users to do so. Take the following steps:

1. Clone the affected User profile

  • Navigate to Salesforce Lightning Setup by clicking the cog on the right side of the header. 
  • Under the Users section, select Profiles > Litify Standard Users > Clone
  • Rename the cloned profile (in the below gif we used 'Litify Advanced Users' > Save


2. Edit Profile to add custom permissions 

  •  Select the newly cloned profile
  • Click Object Settings > type "file info" into the search bar


  • Click Edit
  • Select the checkbox for Modify AllSave


3. Apply the new profile to desired users

  • Select Users > [Desired user] Edit
  • Apply the new profile from the picklist on the right > Save



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