Upload Documents to Docrio v3.5.1 and Older

You can upload files via the Upload icon or drag and drop files from your hard drive into the Documents Tab of your matter.

How to Upload Documents to Docrio v3.5.1 and older

  1. Open Litify Matters > Matters > select a Matter Name.
  2. Choose the Documents tab in the expanded Intake.
  3. Select the Upload icon on the right to access files on your hard drive.
  4. Choose the files you'd like to upload and select Open.
  5. Review the pre-populated File Name and change if necessary.
    • TIP: Use consistent naming conventions for easy access later!
  6. Select a Document Category from the dropdown menu. This selection determines where your documents are stored in the file tree on a given Intake from the Category view.
    • TIP: Records and Case Costs have sub-categories for more specific organization.
  7. Select Upload, and an upload status bar will appear.
  8. Once the upload is complete, you can review your documents quickly by toggling to the List view and sorting by CREATED DATE.

You can also drag and drop files from your hard drive into each Matter’s Documents Tab.

Note: Document Categories are customizable. Contact your Salesforce Administrator if you would like to add a new document category.

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