Create and Edit File Packets

You can create file packets in Docrio and make them available for agents generating documents on a matter. A packet is a set of document templates that have been merged into one collection. A document template cannot be accessed and utilized without being part of a packet.

Once created, you can edit these packets as needed.

How to Create a Packet in Docrio

  1. Navigate to App Launcher > Docrio Packet Builder
  2. Select New Packet. 
  3. Complete the following fields:
    • Packet Name: Used by internal organization for selection.
    • Packet Code: Optional code for quick reference
    • Starting Object: Must match the starting object of templates going inside  a packet.
  4. Save
  5. Select Add Template(s).
  6. Choose the template. 
  7. Select Add Template(s)
  8. Save. 

How to Edit a Document Packet

You can add, remove, and re-order templates within a packet; you cannot change the starting object of a packet.

  1. Navigate to App Launcher > Packet Builder.
  2. Select Edit Packet.
  3. Choose a packet and select Edit Packet.
  4. You can update the following fields:
    • Packet Name
    • Packet Code
  5. Select Add Template(s) to add another template. This must be a word document.
  6. Re-order the templates in that display in the right panel if necessary.
  7. Save.
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