A packet is a collection of document templates that can be pre-built and used for specific case types. Packets are accessible by end users from the Documents tab on a matter.

How to Build a Packet

  1. Navigate to App Launcher > Packet Builder.
  2. Select New Packet.
  3. Provide values for the following fields:
    1. Packet Name: Referenced when selecting packets to merge for a matter.
    2. Packet Code: Can be used to build a code system in your firm.
    3. Starting Object: All templates in a packet must use the same starting object. You cannot change the starting object after initial creation.
  4. Select Add Templates. A modal with a list of templates matching the same starting object appears.
  5. Select all document templates that apply.
  6. Set the order for each template in the right panel.
  7. Save.
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