Account Admins can manage their firm's members in the Litify Referral Web App from the Settings Dropdown menu. Admins can define roles, privileges, and notification settings for a user.

How to Manage Firm Members

Update Member Details

  1. Log in to Litify Referrals.
  2. Navigate to the Settings Dropdown > Firm Settings.
  3. Find the user you need to manage.
  4. Select Manage Users.
  5. Update the user's settings as desired.
  6. Save.

Deactivate Member

Members can be deactivated by selecting Deactivate User in the Manage User window.


User Management Options 

Admins can use Privileges to customize each user's permissions or assign Roles that have pre-defined Privileges.


  • Admin Privilege: Grants permissions to invite users, assign roles, remove users, assign cases, and manage cases. Admins receive all automated emails related to cases. 
  • Primary Contact: Sets user as the primary contact for your firm. Primary contact information appears in Case Details on outbound referrals. 
  • Referral Management: Grants permission to assign inbound referrals to specific attorneys and users.
  • Receive Referrals: Allows firms to send and assign referrals directly to this user. Users with this privilege appear as a contact when originating firms refer cases to your firm. 
  • BCC on All Referral Emails:  BCC’s user on all automated emails.

All members have permission to investigate, sign up, update, and decline cases assigned to them


There are six User Role Presets that have pre-determined privileges. Use these to enhance your referrals operation. 

Role Privileges Admin Primary
BCC on All 
Referral Emails
Managing Partner On Off Off Off Off
Intake Manager On Off On On On
Off Off Off On Off
Off Off On Off Off
Intake Staff Off Off Off Off Off


Default Role Assignment 

  • Invited Users: All invited members are automatically assigned the Non-Partner Attorney role.
  • Join Request Users: All invited members are automatically assigned the Intake Staff role.
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