Automating the Case Quality score based on certain intake factors streamlines your firm's ability to determine high-value cases. Let's look at some of the ways you can define scoring triggers:

  1. Assign a numeric value to each different intake source.
  2. Assign a numeric value to the completion of questionnaires. 
  3. Assign a numeric value to the case location. 
  4. Assign a numeric value to the case type.

Read on to understand exactly how the scoring system works and where you can define these triggers.

About the Scoring System

The Intake Object contains two fields that help determine case quality: Case Quality Score and Case QualityTogether, these fields drive the visualization used to measure case quality. Case Quality Scores can be entered manually by Intake agents to score as seen fit, but scoring can also be automated.

  • Case Quality Score (litify_pm__Case_Quality_Score__c): A number field where you can enter 0-100. 
  • Case Quality (litify_pm__Case_Quality__c): An un-editable formula field that drives the quality visualization graphic, determined by values entered in the Case Quality Score field.
  • >81:  Fully green score
  • >61 but <81: Partially a green score
  • >41 but  <61: Fully yellow score
  • >21 but <41: Red score
  • <21: Low red score

How to Automate Case Quality Via Process Builder 

The following process is limited to updating the Case Quality Score based on an intake's Source field's record type. You should add additional processes related to other intake fields to create a robust, fully automated scoring process.

1. Create Process

  1. Navigate to Setup > Process Builder
  2. Select New.
  3. Complete the following fields:
    • Process Name: Case Quality
    • API Name: Case_Quality
    • Description: Automatically scores an intake's quality
    • This process starts when: A record Changes
  4. Save.  You are taken to the Process Builder UI.

2. Add Object

  1. Select + Add Object.
  2. Complete the following fields:
    • Object: Intake
    • Start the process: when a record is created or edited.
  3. Save

3. Add Criteria 

  1. Select + Add Criteria
  2. Complete the following fields: 
    • Criteria Name: Source Ranking
    • Criteria for Executing Actions: Conditions are met 
    • Field 1: litify_pm__source__c
    • Operator 1: Is Null
    • Type 1: Boolean
    • Value 1: False
    • Field 2:  litify_pm__source__c.RecordType.Name
    • Operator 2: Equals
    • Type 2: String
    • Value 2: Attorney Referral
  3. Save

4. Add Action

The following action sets an intake's Case Quality Score to 10 if null and adds 10 if not null when the Source field's record type is Attorney Referral. 

  1. Select + Add Action.
  2. Complete the following fields:
    • Action Type: Update Records
    • Action Name: CQS AR Source
    • Record Type: [litify_pm__Intake__c] 
    • Criteria for Updating Records: No criteria--just update the records!
    • Field: Case Quality Score
    • Type: Formula
    • Value: IF(ISNULL([litify_pm__Intake__c].litify_pm__Case_Quality_Score__c), 10, [litify_pm__Intake__c].litify_pm__Case_Quality_Score__c + 10)
  3. Save

You can adjust the number in the formula to customize your scoring method. If you create more complex processes, you may also need to enforce action-level criteria requirements. In this scenario, no additional criteria is necessary at this level because it [source = attorney referral] was validated in the previous step. 

You can now Activate this process and test it. 






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