Users can track a referral's status from the Active and Outbound Referrals page. 

How to Check a Referral's Status

  1. Log in to Litify Referrals.
  2. Navigate to Active or Outbound Referrals.
  3. Review the STATUS column. 


  • New: The referral was created, but not sent to a handling firm. 
  • Under Review: The referral was sent to a handling firm, but it has not been processed. 
  • Pending: The referral was sent to a handling firm and the firm declined, turned down, or let the case expire.
  • Turned Down: The handling firm chose not to work the referral. Transaction Status is pending. If the originating firm chooses to give up the case, its status is Cancelled and its Transaction Status is given up.  
  • Signed Up: The handling firm chose to work the case. 
  • Won: The handling firm won the case. 
  • Settled: The handling firm settled the case. 
  • Lost:The handling firm lost the case.
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