Injuries enables a Litify user to quickly and easily record a potential client’s injury details while on the phone, including: the injury status, treatments used, and pain levels experienced. Details are associated to the intake (and converted matter) as an injuries related list item.

How to Add Injuries

There are two ways to add an injury.

Add Injury via Injuries tab

  1. Navigate to Intakes > [Intake Name].
  2. Navigate to the Injuries tab.
  3. Select Add Injury.
  4. Complete the following fields:
    • Injured Body Part: Dropdown-select of injured area.
    • Diagnosis: Optional free-form text entry field.
    • Injury Status: Dropdown-select of injury statuses.
    • Injury Status as of: Datepicker field.
  5. Select Save.

Repeat for as many injuries as necessary. Injuries saved in the Injuries tab are also available via Related List Quicklinks.

Add Injury via Quicklinks

  1. Navigate to Intakes > [Intake Name].
  2. Hover over the Injuries (0) Related List Quick Link.
  3. Select New. A modal appears.
  4. Complete the following fields:
    • Area Affected: Define the localization for the injury.
    • Body Part: Define which body parts are affected.
    • Injuries/Symptoms: Choose all presenting symptoms.
    • Diagnoses: Add diagnosis if known.
  5. Save.

The new Injury record is now available from the Intake's related list.

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