There are four ways to view files on a record: Category (or Folder), Favorites, List and Search Results.

To sort files within any view, click one of the column headers. Click twice to reverse the sort. Files are initially sorted by the FILE NAME column. Your Docrio administrator can customize the columns in each view.

Category or Folder View 

Category or Folder view resembles the traditional folder structure found on most desktops. Files are organized into folders based on a hierarchical system. 

Default Category Options & Hierarchies

Remember, your organization’s categories or folders may be organized differently.

  • Case Costs
    • Damages
    • Expenses
  • Client Documents
  • Emails
  • Litigation Documents
    • Filings
    • Letters
    • Motions
    • Pleadings
  • Records
    • Medical Records
    • Police Records
  • Uncategorized

List View

The List view shows all files attached to a Matter in a flat list. It’s the easiest way to see everything at once, or to sort all files to show the most recent ones.

Favorites View

The Favorites view shows files you've previously starred in either the Folder or List views. Select the star to the left of a file to add it to your favorites and deselect the star to remove it. 


Favorites are specific to both the record you are viewing, and to you as a user. You won’t see favorites from other users, and they won’t see yours.

Click the Select All Files in View button to select all of the files visible on this page.


Search Results View

Results from Advanced Search are displayed in a temporary document view.

  • You can toggle between the Search Results view and other views without resetting your Advanced Search filters.
  • Category (or Folders), Favorites, and List views do not share the applied filters active in your Search Results view.

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