Search Documents within Docrio

You can find the documents associated with matter files using the Docrio Search Bar.  

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search slide-out allows you to find files using criteria beyond File Name and Description. With Advanced Search, you can combine multiple filters to create a list of files which match your specified criteria.

Default Fields

Your Salesforce Administrator can add or remove fields. The default search fields are:

  • Author
  • Created By
  • Created Date
  • File Name
  • File Type
  • Last Modified By
  • Last Modified Date
  • Latest Version
  • Owner
  • Related To

How to Use Advanced Search

  1. Select the Advanced Search icon (Magnifying Glass).
  2. Select your criteria.
  3. Select Go (or hit Enter/Return).
  4. A list of files that match your filter criteria appears.
  5. Modify your Advanced Search criteria by selecting the icon to open the slideout.
  6. Select Clear All to remove all filters.
    • You can also remove search filters by selecting the x on each applied filter above your search results.

Clear an Advanced Search

There are three ways to clear an Advanced Search:

  1. Select Clear Search Results in the VIEW BY submenu.
  2. Open the Advanced Search panel by selecting the Magnifying Glass icon > Clear All.
  3. Close all Search Filters in the SEARCH FILTERS submenu.

Modify an Advanced Search

You can modify an Advanced Search by expanding the Advanced Search panel and updating your filters.

  1. Select the Magnifying Glass icon.
  2. Add/Remove filters.
  3. Select Go (or hit Enter/Return).

Alternatively, you can remove each filter individually from the SEARCH FILTERS submenu.

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