You can define Statute of Limitations for each case type (per each case state) your firm handles. The limitations you set auto-populate the Statute Of Limitations field on all new matters in the selected state and case type.

Litify includes a default library of over 100 different Statute of Limitations.

How to Create a Statue of Limitations 

1. Create Statute Record

  1. Log in to Litify.
  2. Navigate to App Launcher > Statute of Limitations
  3. Select New. A modal appears.
  4. Define the Statute's Name, Case Type, and all applicable states. 
  5. Save

2. Define Dates & Triggers

Once you have saved the Statute record, you are taken to the record's detail page.

  1. Scroll to the Statute of Limitations component.
  2. Choose which Matter Date field to use. 
  3. Define a numerical value.
  4. Save
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