You can generate a packet (set of documents) for a matter using the Merge Packet button. The kind of packets available depend on the parent record; in this case, it is a matter record.

To create new packets, see the Create File Packets guide. 

How to Generate a Packet in Docrio

  1. Navigate to Matters > [Matter Name].
  2. Select the Docrio tab. 
  3. Select the Merge Packet icon. A modal appears.
  4. Search or Scroll through the list of packets. You can Show the contents of a packet to review all  the documents that are generated. 
  5. Choose a [Packet Name].
  6. Select Next
  7. Review the fields displayed. Some may require manual entry while others auto-populate based on information provided in the parent matter record. You can also Preview the document before generating.
  8. Select Generate
  9. Wait for the progress bar to be 100% complete. Once complete, all generated files are listed in Docrio for review, edit, preview, or download. 
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