Inbox Technical Considerations

General Considerations 

The following article details provisioning options for setting up Litify's Microsoft Inbox integration. 

Supported Exchange Environments

See this article for the list of supported Exchange environments and Outlook versions. 

Two Versions of Litify Inbox: Cloud vs. Desktop

There are actually two versions of Litify Inbox. Their names indicate how they are installed: 

  • Cloud: installed into the Exchange environment via the web
  • Desktop (MSI): installed locally onto individual Windows computers using a Microsoft Installer (“MSI”).

The cloud version is strongly recommended. However, there are some advanced features which are only supported by one or the other version. If a firm requires one of these features, one version may be a better fit for them. 

This article covers the differences between the cloud and desktop versions in detail. The key differences are:

Desktop (MSI) Advantages

  • Supports Delegated Calendars
  • Supports pinning the sidebar open on some older versions of desktop Outlook

Cloud Advantages

  • Inbox sidebar will appear in desktop, web-based, and mobile Outlook (mobile requires Office365 with Exchange Online)
  • Supports Mac Outlook application 
  • Users can attach files directly from SpringCM while composing an email (currently Windows only)
  • Supports Exchange Impersonation feature

Exchange Impersonation

Impersonation is way of configuring Microsoft Exchange so that a group of users (either a specific group or all users) are authenticated via a shared service account. 

Although Impersonation can be difficult to initially configure, we recommend using it in larger firms because:

  • end users have fewer setup steps
  • new users, as long as they are added to the service account, will have fewer setup steps

Users will not need to re-enter their Exchange credentials within Litify Inbox every 90 days (otherwise this is required due to Microsoft security policies)

Mass Deployment

Both versions of Litify Inbox can be mass-deployed for the whole firm from a centralized place. This process is usually controlled by firm’s IT department. 

Mass deployment — as well as Exchange Impersonation — is encouraged for larger firms (>20 users) because:

  • end users don’t need to install anything themselves
  • new users will automatically have Inbox installed/enabled

Cloud version mass-deployment
The cloud version of the Litify Inbox add-in is simple to mass-deploy.

Desktop version mass-deployment
The desktop version of the Litify Inbox add-in can be installed as a Windows application by the firm’s IT department, with guidance from Invisible on a shared call.  If a firm requires the desktop add-in, Invisible will provide an archive containing the needed files:

  • MSI and MST for Outlook x64 bit
  • MSI and MST for Outlook x32 (86) bit
  • .cmd files for installation per user


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