Admins can use this guide to set up the MDAPI  (Metadata API) in your firm's sandbox. The MDAPI is used in questionnaires and lookup fields across Litify.  

You must complete this process even if you have previously set up the MDAPI in your production environment.

How to Set Up the MDAPI in a Sandbox Org

  1. Login to your sandbox.
  2. In Setup, navigate to App Manager > LitifyMDAPI > View.
  3. Copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.
  4. In Setup, navigate to Auth. Providers > LitifyMDAPI and paste the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.
  5. In Setup, navigate to My Domain and copy the domain name in “Your domain name is” section.
  6. Navigate to Named Credentials > LitifyMDAPI > Edit, then change the URL to the mydomain
  7. URL you copied in the previous step. Make sure to include “https://” at the beginning.
  8. Select Save
  9. Navigate back to App Manager > LitifyMDAPI > View.
  10. Select Edit and change the Callback URL to match the mydomain from the previous step.
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