Admins can automate case management processes using Salesforce's Process Builder. Automation allows your firm's staff to skip taking manual actions across referrals, intakes, and matters. Automating Litify Actions saves your users time and ensures your processes follow strict criteria. 

Intake Case Flow Example 

The below flow contains 2 automations created via Process Builder.

  1. Your firm receives an intake. It's an automobile accident case in Florida.
  2. An agent sets the Case Status to Referred Out.
  3. Outbound Automation sends this intake to a partner firm who works on cases of this type. 
  4. Partner receives your referral and opens an intake, then automatically signs up the intake and creates a matter. 

Example Field Triggers

  • Turn down an intake based on the status field.
  • Refer out an intake based on the case location field.
  • Sign up an intake based on the case type field. 


The following actions cannot be invoked with Process Builder in a batch context: Investigate, Decline, Send, Send again, Give up, Sign up, Turn down, Notify LRNProcesses that use these actions must be invoked by an actual user.

Field Requirements

These processes rely on Apex to execute. To successfully map all fields, admins must set the correct Apex Variables for each object type (intakes, matters, and referrals)See the Field Requirements for Action Automation article for a breakdown of fields and their required values.

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