Litify Actions is a managed custom lightning component on Litify. This component contains many built-in actions to streamline your firm's processes, automatically update fields, and notify firms on LRN of case changes. Use Litify Actions to transform referrals into intakes and intakes into matters, and carry over important information between these records. 


The permission sets needed to perform Litify Actions depend on the object the action is associated with. Opening a matter, for example, requires the user have at least Litify Matter User permissions. 

Action History

When an action is taken the Litify Actions component displays information on the record about what action was taken and when.

Action History Details

  • The action that was taken
  • The user that took the action
  • The related record if the action created a record
  • The status of the record.
  • The Originating Firm that sent you the referral
  • The Referral Transaction record

Example History


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