Store all document requests that occur throughout a legal matter, such as police reports and witness statements. Capture information about who makes requests and involved facilities, such as police stations and hospitals.  

  • Relate document requests to legal matters and specific roles within matters
  • Review who requested documents, where requests come from, dates, and other details
  • Create request types to tailor to your firm's practices
  • Run reports on document requests across all legal matters to gain insight into case metrics

How to Manage the Request Object

Admins can use this article to manage the access and setup of request records. This includes adding the object to page layouts as well as managing its record types and fields. 

Permission Sets

  • Litify Matter User: Can Create, Edit, and View request records
  • Litify Power User: Can Create, Edit, View, and Delete request records

Page Layouts

Matters: Take Action Layout 

Requests are available on matters as a related list

Roles: Take Action Layout

Requests are available on roles as a related list

About Fields

Request Type

The Request Type picklist contains the following values by default: 

  • 911 Tapes
  • Court Disposition
  • Driving Record
  • Incident Report
  • Injury Photos
  • Medical Bills
  • Medical Records
  • Police Report
  • Property Damage Photos
  • Receipts
  • Scene Inspection
  • Social Media Posts
  • Spoliation
  • Total Property Damage
  • Witness Statement

All Fields

Field Label Field Name Data Type Definition
Comments litify_pm__Comments__c Long Text Area(32768) Comments about the request.
Created By CreatedById Lookup(User) User who created the request.
Date Received litify_pm__Date_Received__c Date Date the requested record(s) were received.
Date Requested litify_pm__Date_Requested__c Date Date the record(s) were requested.
Document # litify_pm__Document__c Text(255) Document number associated with the request.
Facility litify_pm__Facility__c Lookup(Role) Lookup to the Facility role on the matter where the request is added.
Facility Name litify_pm__Facility_Name__c Formula (Text) Name of the facility.
Last Modified By LastModifiedById Lookup(User) Last user who edited the request.
Matter litify_pm__Matter__c Lookup(Matter) Matter where the request is added.
Owner OwnerId Lookup(User,Group) Owner of the request.
Record End Date litify_pm__Record_End_Date__c Date Start of date range for which records were requested.
Record Start Date litify_pm__Record_Start_Date__c Date End of date range for which records were requested.
Request Name Name Text(80) Name of the request.
Request Type litify_pm__Request_Type__c Picklist Type of  request. Add values as necessary.
Requested by litify_pm__Requested_by__c Lookup(User) User who made the document request.
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