Sync your firm to the Litify Referrals Web App so you can send referrals, receive referrals, and connect your information between the web app and your Salesforce Litify org. All firms on Litify must create a Litify Referrals Network account to use referrals.

You must also sync LRN firms and case types to your org to enable all referrals processes on Litify.

How to Sync Litify to the Referrals Web App

1. Log In to Web App From Salesforce

  1. Log in to Litify
  2. Navigate to the App Launcher > Litify Setup
  3. Navigate to Litify Referral Pro Settings > Login and Sync Referrals
  4. Log in to your firm's Litify Referrals Web App account

2. Configure Advanced Sync Settings

  1. Navigate to Litify Referral Pro Settings > Advanced Sync Settings
  2. Define your Sync intervals for all referrals, firms, case types. This is how frequently you want sync to run for each of these types of data.
  3. Activate sync for Case Types
    • If you want to create custom Case Types, you can do so after first syncing the standard LRN Case Types
    • This will complete quickly, within a single sync cycle
    • Note: If you wish to hide certain unused standard LRN Case Types from your users (see the "Available" section in this article), you should disable Case Type sync after it runs the first time
  4. Activate sync for Firms
    • Depending on your sync interval for Firms, this initial sync cycle for Firms may take several hours to complete
    • You can speed up the initial sync of Firms by periodically clicking Force Sync
  5. Once Case Types and Firms are synced, Activate sync for the remaining data types
  6. Data begins syncing after activation

You can also select Force Sync to push an update immediately.




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