The top of your Settlement Calculator displays all key financials about the matter. 

How to View Summary & Total Client Payout 

  1. Log in to Litify.
  2. Navigate to Matters > [Matter Name].
  3. Select the Financials tab. 
  4. Select the Calculator tab. 
    • Settlement/Verdict Amount: Factored against all anticipated expenses, damages, liens, and fees.
    • Selected Case Value: Total value of expenses, damages, and liens.
    • Selected Case Balances: Outstanding expenses, damages, and liens to be paid.
    • Principle Attorney: Attorney fees broken down by dollar amount and percent.
    • Partner Firm: Partner Firm’s fees broken down by dollar amount and percent. 
    • Total Client Payout: The final payout of the Settlement/Verdict Amount after all outstanding expenses, damages, liens, and fees are applied. 


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