Track and update all expenses, damages, and liens from the Settlement Calculator. Items listed in this section are related to the matter and can also be found in the Related tab. 

Add Financial Items

You cannot add new expenses, damages, or liens from the Settlement Calculator. You must add these from the Related tab. 

  1. Navigate to Matters > [Matter Name].
  2. Navigate to the Related tab. 
  3. Select New next to the record’s Expenses, Damages, or Liens
  4. Fill out all fields in the modal.
  5. Save

The newly added related item now appears in the Settlement Calculator. 

Edit Financial Items

You can edit the following fields for related financial items:

  • Name: Updates the record’s name.
  • Type (picklist): Updates the record’s type.
  • Amount: Updates the record’s cost.
  • Reductions: Updates the record’s amount of cost reduced. 
  • Amount Due: Updates the record’s outstanding payments due.
  • Provider (picklist): Updates the party associated to the Provider role.
  • Payee (picklist): Updates the party associated to the Payee role. 

To edit other details on the financial item you must navigate to that specific record.

  1. Navigate to Matters >  [Matter Name].
  2. Navigate to the Financials tab > Calculator tab. 
  3. Scroll to the Expenses, Damages, and Liens.
  4. Select the Edit icon > input a numeric value.
  5. Save
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