Users with the correct matter permissions can perform all of the Litify Actions listed below.

All Matter Actions

Close Matter

Use this action when a case is complete. Select a reason for closing: Settlement, Decision, Verdict, Dismissal, Turned Down. Closing a matter updates the matter Status to Closed, the Closed Reason field with the reason you selected, and the Closed Reason Details field with the further details you selected.  

Actions Dependent on Close Matter action:

  • Notify LRN: Send the close information to the originating firm. 
  • Re-open matter: Re-open the matter to continue working on the case.

Refer Out 

You can refer out matters that did not originate as referrals from other firms. This action changes the matter Status to Closed and populates the Closed Reason field with Referred Out. 


Matter actions are made available based on the matter's status

Status Available actions
Open Close Matter, Refer Out
Closed Re-open, Notify LRN*
Pending Close Matter, Refer Out
Deferred Close Matter, Refer Out
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