The following questionnaires are not case type questionnaires, but meet other use cases. Users can use these questionnaires in addition to case type questionnaires when processing intakes. 

Pre-Packaged Other Questionnaires 


Questionnaire containing initial qualifying information such as client information and case type. This is the default Questionnaire which shows on every new Intake, before automatically loading any relevant Case Type-specific Questionnaires.


Questionnaire that gathers important but non-urgent background and demographic information from the potential client. This Questionnaire is shown at the end of the standard Litify Questionnaire flow, after any relevant Case Type-specific Questionnaires.

All Mass Torts

”Connector” questionnaire that identifies the specific type of Mass Torts case so that the proper Mass Torts Questionnaire is loaded automatically.

All Personal Injury

”Connector” questionnaire gathering injury details for all personal injury Case Types, prior to automatically loading the relevant Case Type-specific Questionnaire.

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