You can use questionnaires to qualify intakes and build essential information to form a potential case. Answers to questionnaires are saved as related records to an intake and follow the lifecycle of a case if opened as a matter. 

How to Use a Questionnaire 

Start Questionnaire 

  1. Log in to Litify.
  2. Navigate to Intakes > Select an [intake name].
  3. Navigate to the Questionnaires tab.
  4. Add a questionnaire.
  5. Complete questions in each section.
  6. Select Next to proceed to the next section.

Relaunch Questionnaire 

You can relaunch a questionnaire to overwrite old answers. 

  1. Complete a questionnaire.
  2. Select Relaunch.
  3. Proceed through the questionnaire again.



Review Qualification Status

Completing a questionnaire on an intake automatically checks the "Qualified" checkbox in System Information when the questionnaire does not trigger any Case Qualification Criteria.



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