Use party records to collect details on individuals and businesses involved in your cases. Party records can be reused in the future and assigned new roles when active in future cases.

How to Manage the Party Object

Admins can use this article to manage the access and setup of party records. This includes adding the object to page layouts as well as managing its record types and fields. 

Permission Sets

  • Litify Matter User: Can CreateEdit, and View, and Delete party records
  • Litify Power User: Can CreateEdit, and View, and Delete party records

Page Layouts

Parties: Litify Business (Take Action)

Parties that are businesses have their own page layout.

Parties: Litify Individual (Take Action)

Parties that are individuals have their own page layout. 

Matters: Take Action Layout 

Parties are available on Matter records from the Parties tab.

Intakes: Intake Layout V6

Parties are available on Intake records from the Parties tab.

Record Types

  • Litify Business
  • Litify Individual

All Fields

Field Label Field Name Data Type Description
Date of birth litify_pm__Date_of_birth__c Date party's date of birth
Email litify_pm__Email__c Email party's email address
First Name litify_pm__First_Name__c Text(255) party's first name
Gender litify_pm__Gender__c Picklist party's gender
Last Called At litify_pm__Last_Called_At__c Date/Time timestamp of last time a call was logged to this party
Last Emailed At litify_pm__Last_Emailed_At__c Date/Time timestamp of last time an email was logged to this party
Last Name litify_pm__Last_Name__c Text(255) party's last name
Phone Home litify_pm__Phone_Home__c Phone party's home phone number
Phone Mobile litify_pm__Phone_Mobile__c Phone party's mobile phone number
Phone Other litify_pm__Phone_Other__c Phone additional phone number for the party
Phone Work litify_pm__Phone_Work__c Phone party's work phone number
Salutation litify_pm__Salutation__c Picklist salutation for the party
SLA litify_pm__SLA__c Picklist  
Social Security Number litify_pm__Social_Security_Number__c Text (Encrypted)(175) encrypted field containing party's ssn
Total Calls litify_pm__Total_Calls__c Number(18, 0) total calls logged on this party record
Total Emails litify_pm__Total_Emails__c Number(18, 0) total emails logged on this party record

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