Use Referral object to send, receive, and track the status of referrals.

How to Manage the Referral Object

Admins can use this article to manage the access and setup of referral records. This includes adding the object to page layouts as well as managing its record types and fields. 

Permission Sets

  • Litify Matter User: Can CreateEdit, and View referral records
  • Litify Power User: Can CreateEditView, and Delete referral records

Page Layouts

Referrals: Referral (Take Action) Layout

Referrals have their own dedicated page layout. 

Record Types

  • Incoming Referral
  • Outgoing Referral

All Fields

Field Name Data Type  Indexed                 Description                                  
Active Referral Transaction  litify_pm__Active_Referral_Transaction__c Lookup(Referral Transaction) Yes lookup to the current referral transaction record based on the transaction between originating and handling firms
Agreement Name     litify_pm__Agreement_Name__c Text(255)   Custom agreement name decided by originating firm when sending the referral
Agreement Type        litify_pm__Agreement_Type__c Text(255)   type of agreement chosen by originating firm when sending the referral
Case Address 1  litify_pm__Case_Address_1__c Text(255)   primary case address
Case Address 2   litify_pm__Case_Address_2__c Text(255)   additional address information (apartment number)
Case City     litify_pm__Case_City__c Text(255)   city where the case occurred
Case Postal Code       litify_pm__Case_Postal_Code__c Text(255)   postal code where the case occurred
Case State  litify_pm__Case_State__c Picklist   state where the case occurred
Case Type  litify_pm__Case_Type__c Lookup(Case Type) Yes type of case
Client Address 1    litify_pm__Client_Address_1__c Text(255)   primary address of the client
Client Address 2  litify_pm__Client_Address_2__c Text(255)   additional information about client's address
Client City  litify_pm__Client_City__c Text(255)   city where the client lives
Client email      litify_pm__Client_email__c Email   client's email address
Client First Name   litify_pm__Client_First_Name__c Text(255)   client's first name
Client Last Name   litify_pm__Client_Last_Name__c Text(255)   client's last name
Client phone  litify_pm__Client_phone__c Phone   client's primary phone number
Client Postal Code    litify_pm__Client_Postal_Code__c Text(255)   client's postal code
Client State          litify_pm__Client_State__c Picklist   client's state
Description  litify_pm__Description__c Long Text Area(131072)   description of the referral
ExternalId  litify_pm__ExternalId__c   Number(18, 0) (External ID) Yes custom Id added to keep track of case
Extra info     litify_pm__Extra_info__c Long Text Area(131072)   Additional information field
Handling Firm   litify_pm__Handling_Firm__c Lookup(Firm) Yes firm that received the referral, now working on the referral
Incident date        litify_pm__Incident_date__c Date Yes the date the case incident occurred
Intake      litify_pm__Intake__c Lookup(Intake)   related intake record if you open an intake from this referral
Investigated at       litify_pm__Investigated_at__c Date/Time   auto-populated field on both outgoing and incoming referral records when handling firm investigates the case
Litify Status  litify_pm__Litify_Status__c Formula (Text)   Litify status ID          litify_pm__Litify_com_ID__c Formula (Text)   auto-generated ID by Litify
LRN Created At  litify_pm__LRN_Created_At__c Date/Time   auto-generated number by Litify
Matter     litify_pm__Matter__c Lookup(Matter) Yes related matter record if the referral became an intake then a matter
Originating Firm     litify_pm__Originating_Firm__c Lookup(Firm) Yes firm that sent the referral
Outgoing Expires At    litify_pm__Expires_At__c Date/Time   expiration date on the outgoing referral
Outgoing Is Anonymous  litify_pm__Is_Anonymous__c Checkbox   send a referral as anonymous
Reference Id   litify_pm__External_Ref_Number__c Text(40)   determine an external ID to keep track of a case
Referral Kind  litify_pm__Referral_Kind__c Formula (Text)   kind of referral
Referrals  litify_pm__Referrals__c Formula(Number)    
Signed up at  litify_pm__Signed_up_at__c Date/Time   auto-populated field when the handling firm signs up the intake associated with this referra
Status    litify_pm__Status__c Picklist   status of the referral
Status Description  litify_pm__Status_Description__c Formula (Text)   auto-generated description of the status
Suggested Percentage fee  litify_pm__Suggested_Percentage_fee__c Percent(16, 2)   suggested percentage fee chosen by the originating firm at the time of sending the referral
Sync fail counter  litify_pm__sync_fail_count__c Number(3, 0)   how many times the sync has failed
Sync last updated at  litify_pm__Sync_last_updated_at__c Date/Time   time when the sync last connected with Salesforce
Sync Msg  litify_pm__sync_msg__c Long Text Area(32768)   message associated with the sync status
Sync Status  litify_pm__sync_status__c Picklist   status of the sync
Sync Status Description  litify_pm__Sync_Status_Description__c Formula (Text)   further information about the status of the sync
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