How to Manage the Request Object

Admins can use this article to manage the access and setup of Questionnaire records. This includes adding the object to page layouts as well as managing its record types and fields. 

Permission Sets

  • Litify Matter User: Can Create, Edit, and View questionnaire records
  • Litify Power User: Can Create, Edit, View, and Delete questionnaire records

Page Layouts

Intakes: Intake Layout v6

Questionnaires are available on intakes as a Tab. This tab allows users to select and process different questionnaires. 

Questionnaire: Questionnaire Layout

Questionnaires have their own page layout. This layout is for Admins and power users to build questionnaires used by intake agents. 

All Fields

Field Label Field Name Data Type Description
Active Questionnaire litify_pm__Is_Active__c Checkbox this checkbox in Questionnaire Builder allows you to set this questionnaire as the default questionnaire
Available Questionnaire litify_pm__Is_Available_On_Intake__c Checkbox this checkbox in Questionnaire Builder allows you to add this questionnaire to intakes and matters on the questionnaire component
is default litify_pm__is_default__c Checkbox this is the default questionnaire
Questions litify_pm__questions__c Long Text Area(131072) questions on the questionnaire
SObject Modifications litify_pm__SObject_Modifications__c Long Text Area(131072)  
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