Use matters to store essential case details, associate relevant records, centralize documents, and track the overall case.

How to Manage the Matter Object

Admins can use this article to manage the access and setup of matter records. This includes adding the object to page layouts as well as managing its record types and fields. 

Permission Sets

  • Litify Matter User: Can CreateEdit, and View, and Delete matter records
  • Litify Power User: Can CreateEditView, and Delete matter records

Page Layouts

Matters: Take Action Layout 

Matters have their own dedicated page layout.

Record Types

  • Billable 
  • Non-Billable

All Fields 

Field Label Field Name Data Type Controlling Field Indexed Description
Attorney Fees litify_pm__Fee_Amount__c_ Currency(18, 0)    
the amount of attorney fees charged
Billable Matter litify_pm__Billable_Matter__c Checkbox    
determine if this matter is a billable matter
Billing Type litify_pm__Billing_Type__c Picklist Billable Matter  
determine the type of billing on this billable matter
Budget litify_pm__Budget__c Currency(18, 0)    
the budget on this matter
Budget Used litify_pm__Budget_Used__c
Formula (Percent)
contains the value of this equation: litify_pm__Total_matter_cost__c / litify_pm__Budget__c
Case Type litify_pm__Case_Type__c
Lookup(Case Type)
the case type on the matter
Client litify_pm__Client__c Lookup(Account)   Yes
the account/party record associated with the matter
Closed Reason litify_pm__Closed_Reason__c Picklist Status  
the reason the matter was closed in Litify Actions
Closed Reason Details litify_pm__Closed_Reason_Details__c Picklist Closed Reason  
further details describing the closed reason in Litify Actions
Contingency Fee Rate (%) litify_pm__Contingency_Fee_Rate__c Percent(3, 2)    
% contingency rate for the case
Current Active Stage litify_pm__Matter_Stage_Activity_Formula__c Formula (Text)    
the current active matter stage on the matter plan (litify_pm__Matter_Stage_Activity__r.Name)
Description litify_pm__Description__c
Long Text Area(131072)
description of the matter
Display Name litify_pm__Display_Name__c
Text(255) (External ID)
user-editable display name of the matter
Estimated Close Date litify_pm__Close_Date__c Date    
estimated date when the Matter will close; or date the Matter actually closed (manual)
Formula Checkbox Test litify_pm_Formula_Checkbox_Test__c
Formula (Checkbox)
Formula Checkbox Test - test field for formula checkbox
Formula percent test litify_pm__Formula_percent_test__c
Formula (Currency)
Formula percent test - test field for formula percent
Gross Recovery litify_pm__Gross_Recovery__c Currency(16, 2)    
the amount recovered when you win or settle the case in Litify Actions
Hard Costs litify_pm__Hard_Costs__c Currency(18, 0)    
the hard costs associated with the case
Hourly Rate litify_pm__Hourly_Rate__c Currency(16, 2)    
the hourly rate of the matter team member
Ignore Default Plan litify_pm__Ignore_Default_Plan__c Checkbox    
check this to ignore the default plan and select a new plan
Incident date litify_pm__Incident_date__c Date    
the date the incident in the case occurred
Last Called At litify_pm__Last_Called_At__c Date/Time    
last time a call was logged on this intake
Last Emailed At litify_pm__Last_Emailed_At__c Date/Time    
last time an email was logged on this matter
Limitations date satisfied litify_pm__Limitations_date_satisfied__c Checkbox    
Limitations date satisfied
Lost Reason litify_pm__Lost_Reason__c Text Area(255)    
the reason you select for losing the case in Litify Actions
Matter litify_pm__Matter__c
the name of this matter
Matter Address 1 litify_pm__Matter_Address_1__c Text(255)    
address where this incident occurred
Matter Address 2 litify_pm__Matter_Address_2__c Text(255)    
additional address details where this incident occurred
Matter City litify_pm__Matter_City__c Text(255)    
city where this incident occurred
Matter Has Budget litify_pm__Matter_Has_Budget__c Checkbox    
determines if this matter has a set budget
Matter Location litify_pm__Matter_Location__c Formula (Text)    
location of this matter
Matter Plan litify_pm__Matter_Plan__c
Lookup(Matter Plan)
matter plan assigned via the Open Matter Litify Action or the Matter Plan selection component
Matter Postal Code litify_pm__Matter_Postal_Code__c Text(255)    
postal code where the incident occurred
Matter State litify_pm__Matter_State__c Picklist    
state where the incident occurred
Matter Team litify_pm__Default_Matter_Team__c
Lookup(Default Matter Team)
matter team you select for the matter
Net Recovery litify_pm__Net_Recovery__c Currency(16, 2)    
how much was recovered when you won or settled the case, determined by Litify Actions
Notify users when % budget reached litify_pm__Notify_users_when_budget_reached__c Percent(3, 0)    
This field notifies users when you have used a certain percentage of the budget
Open Date litify_pm__Open_Date__c Date    
date the matter record was opened or created
Originating Attorney litify_pm__Originating_Attorney__c Lookup(User)   Yes
first Attorney on the Matter (populated automatically with the User who is the original Matter Owner)
Pending Date litify_pm__Pending_Date__c Date    
date and time when the status was first set to Pending
Percent Matter Test litify_pm__Percent_Matter_Test__c Percent(18, 0)      
Picklist Multiselect litify_pm__Picklist_Multiselect__c
Picklist (Multi-Select)
Practice Area litify_pm__Practice_Area2__c Formula (Text)    
Primary Intake litify_pm__Primary_Intake__c Lookup(Intake)   Yes
the ID of the intake where this matter originated if it was converted from an intake
Principal Attorney litify_pm__Principal_Attorney__c Lookup(User)   Yes
principal attorney on this case
Referral litify_pm__Referral__c Lookup(Referral)   Yes
ID of related referral record if this matter originated as a referral
Retainer Used % litify_pm__Retainer_Used__c
contains the value of this equation: litify_pm__Total_matter_cost__c / litify_pm__Total_Amount_Retained__c
Soft Costs litify_pm__Soft_Costs__c Currency(18, 0)      
Source litify_pm__Source__c Lookup(Source)   Yes
source of this matter based on the source record
Source Type litify_pm__Source_Type__c Picklist    
type of the source on this matter based on the source record
Stage litify_pm__Matter_Stage_Activity__c Lookup(Stage)   Yes
the stage on the matter plan
Status litify_pm__Status__c Picklist    
status of the matter. Changing these values from stock may break built-in timestamp fields.
Statute Of Limitations litify_pm__Statute_Of_Limitations__c Date    
the latest date you can file the case based on the Statute of Limitations records in your Litify org
Total Amount Billable litify_pm__Total_Amount_Billable__c
contains the value of this equation: litify_pm__Total_Amount_Unbilled_Expenses__c + litify_pm__Total_Amount_Time_Entries_Unpaid__c
Total Amount Billed litify_pm__Total_Amount_Billed__c
Roll-Up Summary (SUM Bill)
roll up summary of the Bill: Amount field
Total Amount Due litify_pm__Total_Amount_Due__c
Total Amount Expensed litify_pm__Total_Amount_Expensed__c
Roll-Up Summary (SUM Expense)
Total Amount Expensed Due litify_pm__Total_Amount_Expensed_Due__c
Roll-Up Summary (SUM Expense)
Total Amount Paid litify_pm__total_amount_paid__c
contains the value of this equation: total matter cost field - total amount due field - total amount billable field = total amount paid
Total Amount Retained litify_pm__Total_Amount_Retained__c
Roll-Up Summary (SUM Retainer)
Total Amount Time Entries litify_pm__total_amount_time_entries__c
Roll-Up Summary (SUM Time Entry)
Total Amount Time Entries Billed litify_pm__Total_Amount_Time_Entries_Billed__c
Roll-Up Summary (SUM Time Entry)
Total Amount Time Entries Due litify_pm__Total_Amount_Time_Entries_Due__c
Roll-Up Summary (SUM Time Entry)
Total Amount Time Entries Unpaid litify_pm__Total_Amount_Time_Entries_Unpaid__c
Roll-Up Summary (SUM Time Entry)
Total Amount Unbilled Expenses litify_pm__Total_Amount_Unbilled_Expenses__c
Roll-Up Summary (SUM Expense)
Total Calls litify_pm__Total_Calls__c Number(18, 0)     # of logged calls
Total Emails litify_pm__Total_Emails__c Number(18, 0)    
# of related emails
Total Hours litify_pm__Total_Hours__c
Roll-Up Summary (SUM Time Entry)
Total Matter Cost litify_pm__Total_matter_cost__c
Formula (Currency)
contains the value of this equation: litify_pm__total_amount_time_entries__c + litify_pm__Total_Amount_Expensed__c
Total Matter Value litify_pm__Total_Matter_Value__c Currency(16, 2)    
the expected or realized value of the Matter
Turn Down Details litify_pm__Turn_Down_Details__c
Long Text Area(32768)
further details you provide when closing a matter and choosing Turn Down via Litify Actions
Use same client location litify_pm__Use_same_client_location__c Checkbox      
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